Photo of YWCA Timeline

  • 1929 – YWCA Greater Lafayette officially chartered and affiliated with YWCA USA
  • 1935 – YWCA inherits Oppenheimer House at 604 N. 6th Street
  • 1950s – Youth dance classes begin at YWCA
  • 1953 – Annex added to Oppenheimer House
  • 1969 – YWCA Foundation receives its first gift and is officially incorporated
  • 1970 – YWCA Foundation purchases land from 614-618 N. 5th Street
  • 1976 – Completes construction and moves into facility at 605 N. 6th Street.
  • 1978 – American Association of University Women collects data which indicates 146 confirmed cases of domestic violence against women in
    Tippecanoe County. During the last six months of 1978, YWCA receives requests to aid 20 children and 46 women in crisis, 37 of whom had been physically abused.
  • 1979 – January – YWCA Women in Crisis Shelter is founded. Board of Directors authorizes the use of a YWCA-owned property for the shelter
  • 1983 – YWCA is able to fund full-time, 24-hour staff coverage of the shelter
  • 1986 – Receives first United Way support for the Women in Crisis program. October 22, new shelter at 624 N. 6th street opens
  • 1987 – YWCA Women in Crisis Program brings together law enforcement, prosecutors, social service agencies, and county agencies into what would become the Tippecanoe County Domestic Violence Task Force
  • 1992 – YWCA Women in Crisis Program renamed to YWCA Domestic Violence Intervention and Prevention Program
  • 1994 – Receives a United Way Venture Grant to undertake a program of breast cancer awareness and education with a focus on economically disadvantaged women
  • 1996 – Receives a United Way Venture Grant in collaboration with Hanna Center to conduct educational discussion groups to address racism and cultural appreciation
  • 1998 – Indiana State Department of Health Breast and Cervical Cancer Program designates YWCA as region central enrollment center for 23 counties
  • 2016 – Grand opening of the Lisack Center in the Oppenheimer House
  • 2017 – Grand opening of the Patricia and Kelley Carr Advocacy Center
  • 2018 – Women’s Cancer Program service expands from 23 to 41 counties
  • 2022 – Women’s Cancer Program renamed Women’s Wellness Program with the inclusion of WISEWOMAN program.

YWCA plays an important role in the history of the U.S.  YWCA was the first integrated social and service organization and has been at the forefront of racial justice and women’s initiatives since the 1850s.  Read the fascinating history of YWCA here.


YWCA Greater Lafayette does not discriminate in the delivery of services or benefits based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, age, sexual orientation and gender identity.