Salute to women plaque

A Very Brief History of Salute to Women

1 May 2023
As we’re staring the Golden Anniversary of Salute to Women directly in the face (the 50th anniversary will be in 2024), it’s appropriate to consider the genesis of this particular... Read More
diversity sign

Equitable Hiring Practices:  Did you know?

3 April 2023
by Floyd Keith, Director of Racial and Social Justice Embracing diversity and inclusion in the workplace has beneficial outcomes, such as improving productivity and enhancing the ability to maneuver in... Read More
Te Ata Fisher

Lifting the Voice of a Nation: Chickasaw Storyteller Te Ata

1 March 2023
Navigating the liminal space between Native (First) American and white communities, Mary Frances “Te Ata” Thompson Fisher was raised on the stories and songs of her Chickasaw culture. Te Ata... Read More
Delia Silance

In Celebration of Delia Silance

1 February 2023
In 2023, Purdue University churns out students with master’s degrees with the efficiency of Ford’s assembly line.  Of course, it’s not easy.  It requires dedication and many students endure hardships... Read More


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