Racial and Social Justice

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The term Social Justice refers to a concept of fairness within a society and applies to basic needs, opportunities, and wealth, as well as environmental issues, gender, and race. YWCA Greater Lafayette is committed to facilitating positive changes in social justice that benefit our community and beyond.

To that end, YWCA Greater Lafayette has developed a comprehensive menu of learning opportunities designed to create awareness of racial and social justice issues and provide actionable items that will help you and your organization make positive change in your community. This programming is sponsored in part by the City of Lafayette and powered by a grant from the Indiana Department of Health.

The goal of these workshops is to increase personal awareness and knowledge of social justice, and:

  • Build a better foundation for communicating with others from different backgrounds
  • Provide a safe and educational environment that encourages respect, responsibility, and understanding of others
  • Create an environment where topics of diversity and inclusion can be discussed openly with a high level of comfort, both during and after presentations

The YWCA has established pricing guidelines that will meet the needs of all members of organizational, educational and non-profit entities.
Workshops are priced on a hourly/one-topic rate, or by a special unit rate including four subjects.

IDI Assessment Programming Pricing

Pricing for the IDI is based on an organizational, non-profit, and educational basis.  Pricing includes an individual facilitation fee and a group report fee.


For more information regarding our Racial and Social Justice programming, please contact Floyd Keith, Senior Director of Racial and Social Justice.

Available Educational Workshops