SAR21: Statement from Jennifer Layton, LTHC Homeless Services

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SAR21: Statement from Jennifer Layton, LTHC Homeless Services

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jennifer layton LTHC homeless services executive director headshotI have been the Chief Executive at LTHC Homeless Services for over 20 years, but I started as a case manager here where it was my role to advocate for those experiencing inequity – not only in housing but in many areas of life. The people we serve are suffering from more than just lack of housing opportunities – they are fighting systematic factors in terms of economic wealth, healthcare, education, employment and so much more.

Housing is a basic human right and no person or family should experience homelessness. The team at LTHC continues to serve people who do not have access to housing – there is an inadequate supply of affordable options and there are too many barriers keeping them out of housing. People of color are represented at a higher rate in our services.

Not only am I disheartened when I see and hear about the experiences of our people, I am angry that we continue to have so many barriers to safe and affordable housing. Experiencing homelessness is traumatic and I work every day to make a difference to the people in our services.

In 2021, the LTHC Executive Team has prioritized diversity, equality and inclusion into our agency’s framework so that it can be an integral part of how we conduct our services. We will be focusing our efforts on unconscious bias, inequality and how we can do better.

Jennifer Layton
President & CEO


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