Black History Month 2021

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Black History Month 2021

Categories: Eliminating Racism, News

black and white photo of African American people with the words february 2021, black history month, 28 days of celebrating black american historyDo you know who Bayard Rustin was? Have you ever heard the name Rose Marie McCoy? Do you know who to thank for transporting refrigerated goods? YWCA Greater Lafayette celebrates Black History Month 2021 by recognizing often over-looked men and women and their contributions and accomplishments throughout America’s history.

In a time when racial injustices still exist across our society — from health care and education to housing and the criminal justice system — it is critical that we increase our knowledge of the Black diaspora. By delving deeper into the history, culture and achievements of the Black community, we can increase our understanding of this country’s past and current issues around race.

We urge you to take part in the activities surrounding Black History Month, both locally and those offered more broadly. You can find many of these virtual experiences here.

At YWCA Greater Lafayette, it is our mission to eliminate racism and empower women. We strive to create an inclusive, accessible, diverse and equitable center for all our community members. With great urgency and a strong commitment, we will continue our work to eliminate anti-Black racism that is still present in our society.

Join YWCA Greater Lafayette on social media for 28 Days of Black American History.