Dance Distinction Dance Company





Dance Distinction is proud to announce the beginning of their third year. The goals of the company are to develop dancers from different backgrounds to their fullest potential; to offer opportunities for growth through conventions and dance studio competitions; and to offer dancers performance opportunities throughout the community. The 2014-2015 inaugural year did just that! The 14-member company earned platinum (the highest) rankings and 1st places for the competitions they attended. Soloists Hannah vonWerder and Hannah Wilcoxson received platinum and double platinum rankings, and high placings as well.

Dance Distinction company members will not be required to relinquish their positions on their middle school or high school dance teams, but rather is a support and aide to their school dance involvement. Dancers from Harrison, West Lafayette HS & Middle School, as well as McCutcheon, East Tipp, Klondike, Battle Ground and Central Catholic joined forces this past year and not only honed their technical skills and performance level, but connected as friends as well.

Hannah Walters, YWCA Y-Dance Director/Teacher, has been dancing since she was 3 years old. She began dancing with the YWCA when Deedra started the program in 2003. Hannah was a member of the McCutcheon Dance Team her Junior and Senior year. After graduating from high school, she attended St. Joseph’s College where she majored in Mathematics with a minor in Spanish and Education and was captain of their dance team for two of her four years. She has a passion for teaching and dance, and is excited to combine them into her career!