Support Groups for Children and Adults

All groups meet at the YWCA, 605 N. 6th St. unless otherwise noted. For more information, call 765-423-4486.

TLC Family Enrichment Program This is a parenting support group for men and women. We discuss a variety of topics while providing opportunities for parents, guardians, and grandparents to talk to one another about their cur-rent concerns. The classes are child-focused and provide an opportunity for parents to support each other. FREE. Tuesdays, 6 pm - 7:30 pm

TLC Kids Group Support Group for children ages 6 and older meets Tuesdays from 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm. 

Spanish Parenting Class is a parenting class during the weekday. Topics include discipline, anger, feelings, conflict resolution, stress, honesty, responsible kids, safe and unsafe touch. Please contact Nohemi Lugo for further information at

Choices Choices is a class for victims and survivors of abuse, as well as any woman who desires to make better decisions for her future. Partici-pants will learn about destructive patterns, red flags, problem-solving, assertiveness and more to take personal responsibility for positive change, and to create happier and healthier relationships. A certificate is awarded after successful completion of the topics. Join at any time. FREE. Wednesdays 6 pm - 8pm

SEALS CLUB (Self-Esteem and Life Skills) Support Group for children ages 6 years and older meets Wednesdays from 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm. Topics include conflict resolution/problem solving, safety, family and self-esteem. 

This informal group is designed for women to share and support one another as we face some of the difficult challenges in life. The Language of Letting Go is a book we frequently use to help us to be more self-aware and self-confident in moving forward with our lives. Join at any time. FREE. Thursdays, 6 pm - 7:30 pm

Reflections Kids Group is for children ages 6 years and older that meets on Thursdays from 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm. This group teaches children about self-esteem, team building, respect and developing a positive self-image. 

En Español

Reflexiones Ven a conocer a otras mujeres hispanas de tu área. Podrás compartir tus alegrías, tristezas y logros con ellas. Podrás obtener ayuda para los problemas que puedas enfrentar. Hablaremos acerca de la auto estima, relaciones interpersonales, nuestras tradiciones y cultura. Nos reunimos el segundo y cuarto miércoles de cada mes de 10 a 11:30 am en las oficinas del DVIPP. Se ofrece guardería para los niños hasta los 6 años con previo aviso. GRATIS

Reflexiones - Frankfort Nos reunimos el cuarto martes de cada mes de 11:00 am a 12:30 en las oficinas del Purdue Extension en Frankfort. GRATIS 

Enriquecimiento de la Familia/Grupo para Padres Le da a las mujeres y hombres nuevas herramientas para disciplinar a sus hijos, aumentar la auto estima de los niños y mejorar la comunicación entre la familia. Este grupo se reúne dos horas por semana. La clase dura siete semanas. Necesita registrarse antes del comienzo de la clase. GRATIS

Para ayuda en español pregunte por Nohemí Lugo, 765-423-7003.