Y-Dance Classes
Classes for Youth, Teens, and Adults



 Introductory Modern Technique 
Improvisation and Composition



Session #1: June 2-5, 9-12, 16-19, 23-26

Session #2: July 7-10, 14-17, 21-24, 28-31
Registration due by July 5


Due to the of the growth of our Y-Dance Program, the technical excellence we strive to achieve, and requests by dancers in our community, we are offering several summer classes! Our summer schedule will NOT include a routine, but rather they will focus on the more technical and artistic aspects of dance. 


CLASS OPTIONS (See Class Schedule, Class Description, Tuition links at bottom of page)

           Division 1-2; Division 3-5

Fusion and Leaps and Turns/Combined two-hour class
           Division 6-12

Introductory Modern Technique
          Division 6-12 Level 2 and above, AND adults with previous dance experience

Improvisation and Composition

          Division 6-12 Level 2 and above, AND adults with previous dance experience


·        Divisions signify grade/maturity and levels allow for abilities.

·        For most classes, minimum enrollment is four students. 

·        Some classes may cap enrollment based on teacher and room space.

·        All classes are held at the YWCA, 605 N. 6th Street, Lafayette.



·        Registration is due by May 30 for Session #1 and July 5 for Session #2.

·        You may register by calling 765-742-0075.

·        There is an annual $25 Registration Fee if you have not already paid it through
         September 2014.

·        A Registration Form must be completed only once annually at the time you enroll.

·        If you are new to Y-Dance or this is your annual enrollment period, a registration form
         MUST be brought, emailed or faxed in at time of registration.

·        Returning Y-Dancers enroll in your recommended class/classes.

·        We recommend Level 1 for dancers new to the Y-Dance program.


Program Description 
The Y-Dance program undergoes changes as the numbers, needs, and desires of its dancers continue to grow forward. Whether the goal is to dance at a recreational level “just for fun” or for those who foresee themselves on dance teams, in musical theatre, undertaking auditions, or who want to take dance to a higher level, Y-Dance has something for everyone. Beginning in 2003 with three classes and 16 dancers, Y-Dance has now grown to over 350 students. 


The Y-Dance philosophy is:

  • To provide an atmosphere of discipline and structure
  • To make each dancer feel loved, valued, and empowered
  • To be fun, enjoyable, and a learning experience
  • To enhance dancers’ coordination, dance, creativity, and memory skills


If you do not know which class is for you/your child, please call the YWCA at 742-0075 and Y-Dance Director, Deedra Newby, will help you determine where to begin. 


Class Schedule/Observation Days Information (2 pages)

Class Description                              


Class Registration Form (2 pages)

Dress Policy

Teacher Bios

If you would like Y-Dance to perform at an event, please contact Deedra Newby at dnewby@ywcalafayette.org or 765-423-7021.

YWCA Y-Dance Testimonials 2014

My YWCA had been a place where my girls have learned that hard work and perseverance really pays off.   It has made them stronger dancers all while having fun, making new friends, and participating in the most amazing dance recitals!
Kelly Penquite

We so enjoyed the recital, it was so much fun looking back over the years. Thank you for all your hard work to make it a special night for
Nettie Beck

It was truly a beautiful recital-I hear wonderful compliments all around! My girls really enjoyed themselves. Thanks for pulling it all together as I know it is quite a feat!
Stacie Gascho

When I moved to the Lafayette area 15 years ago, the YWCA became my second home. Through its many programs, it nurtured not only myself but three young children. Our family made lifelong friends and created lasting memories from participating in its many programs. When we walked through the door, the staff would greet us by name making us feel part of the YWCA family. Now my youngest daughter has been in the Y Dance program which is an extension of the YWCA philosophy of promoting a family like atmosphere. My daughter has developed not only a love and discipline for dance technique and skill, but has excelled in a loving and encouraging environment by its wonderful and talented teachers. This program is yet another testament to the YWCA commitment to its community.
Monique Noll

My YWCA means my daughters have a wonderful place to dance! My YWCA offers us a supportive and caring staff with knowledgable and talented dance instructors!
Kathy Klingerman 

My YWCA is where my daughter has been taking dance lessons since she was four years old.  She is now 14 and has developed into a beautiful dancer!  She continues to take classes and is also working with younger dancers at the YWCA as a dance assistant. 
Natalie Baker