Network Luncheon Series

Enjoy lunch and networking 11:30am to 1:00pm
Luncheons are held at the YWCA, 605 N. 6th Street, Lafayette
$15 per luncheon
Make reservations by 5:00pm on the prior Monday
Call 765-742-0075 or register below

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Spring 2014 Theme

“Vision to Action-85 Years of Impacting Our Community"

Wednesday, January 15

Birth Order-Everybody Has One

Betty M. Nelson, Dean of Students Emerita, Community Volunteer

So? Does birth order matter? Alfred Adler, the first psychologist to study the implications of birth order, called it “the Rosetta Stone” for understanding the dynamics that govern family members’ roles and characteristics. It’s never too late to learn and laugh about who we are and why we interact with the world as we do.

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Nola Gentry
Homecare By Design
Linda Sorensen
Guardian Angel Hospice

Wednesday, February 12

Growing Up Female in the Age of King Arthur

Major General Erika C. Steuterman, USAF (Ret)

The presentation will focus on what it was like for a female going into the military in the 1970s, vignettes from 34 years of military service and the importance of volunteer work, not only for your community, but for your own well-being.

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ASC Williamsport Nursing and Rehabilitation
Grayce Lechtenberg
Cheryl Butcher, Coldwell Banker-Shook
Dr. Teena Flook

Wednesday, April 2

Health...We are What We Eat

Abby Abbott-Rider, Nurse Practitioner
Organic Farmer, Thistle Byre Farms

Abby will discuss preventative health and organic, sustainable farming which minimize the deficits from self-induced illnesses that plague our society. We are what we eat. Food is powerful medicine and Abby will talk about health and positive lifestyle choices that make living a healthy life possible. Her desire is to empower individuals to make prudent food changes that boost their level of health and longevity.

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Salin Bank
Paulette Moody
Dr. Roger and Beth Bangs

Wednesday, April 30

The Deans’ Bible, Five Purdue Women and Their Quest for Equality

Published by Purdue University Press

Angie Klink, Author

Angie will talk about five inspirational women of substance: Dorothy Stratton, Helen Schleman, Beverley Stone, Barbara Cook and Betty M. Nelson.

The Purdue Deans of Women and Deans of Students advocated for students and others from the 1930s to 1990s. The women passed down a secret Bible symbolizing their professional and personal bond, and their indomitable spirit of justice.

The Lafayette YWCA Natatorium was named after Purdue Dean of Women Emerita Helen B. Schleman in 1990. Four out of the five deans were Salute to Women honorees.

Book signing to follow presentation.

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Sally Watlington
ASC Williamsport Nursing and Rehabilitation
1st Source Bank
Clyde Hughes,

Wednesday, May 14

“Her” story Makers of the YWCA

Skipp Hill Shafer, Retired YWCA Executive Director
Sally Watlington, Past YWCA President and Community Volunteer
Barb Reif, Past YWCA President and Community Volunteer
Debi DeBruyn, YWCA Executive Director

Looking back at some of the incredible success stories in YWCA history with Skipp, Sally and Barb. Then a glimpse of the exciting vision in the days ahead with Debi and the staff.

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Leta Kelley
Mary Reece
Dr. David and Kathy Trout