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Winter 2018

January 3: Registration Due
January 8-11: Y-Dance Show Costume Measuring, Sizing, Payment/Dancewear Ordering
January 15 - May 3: Y-Dance Instructional Classes
March 26-29: Spring Break/No Classes
April 28: Show Photo Session
May 4 & 5: Y-Dance Dress Rehearsal and Shows

CLASS OPTIONS (See Class Description, Class Schedule, Tuition) 
SNAP (Ages 5 and Older)
Pre-Fusion (Age 3)
Fusion (Age 4 through Adult), Offered by Divisions and Levels**  
Leaps and Turns* (Grades 1 through 12), Offered by Divisions and Levels
Ballet (Grades 1 through 12), Offered by Levels
Hip Hop (Grades 3 through Adult), Offered by Divisions
Tap (Grades K through 8), Offered by Levels
Tumbling for Dance (Grades 5 through 12), Offered by Divisions

*To enroll in a Leaps and Turns class, a Fusion and/or Ballet class is prerequisite. This allows for the fundamentals to be learned in conjunction with leaps and turns.

**Enrollment in a Level 4 Fusion Class requires enrollment in Leaps/Turns and Ballet as well.

  • Divisions signify grade/maturity and levels allow for abilities.
  • For most classes, minimum enrollment is four students.
  • Some classes may cap enrollment based on teacher and room space.
  • All classes are held at the YWCA, 605 N. 6th Street, Lafayette.

If registration information is up-to-date, you may register by calling 765-742-0075. There is an annual $25 Registration Fee if you have not already paid it through September 2018. A Registration Form must be completed at the time you enroll (only once annually). 

  • Registration is due by January 3 at 5:00 pm.  Call 765-742-0075.
  • Returning dancers from the summer and winter sessions may register beginning November 29.
  • All class recommendations for returning dancers are available when enrolling
  • General Public may register beginning December 11.
  • We recommend Level 1 for dancers new to the Y-Dance Program.

  • There is an annual $25 Registration Fee.
  • A registration form MUST be completed at the YWCA at the front desk at time of registration 

Y-Dance Show (See Y-Dance Show and Costume Measuring Week)
  • Our Y-Dance Show (recital) will be held Saturday, May 5 at 1:00 pm and 6:00 pm.
  • Dress Rehearsal will be held Friday, May 4.
  • We measure for costumes during your class day and time January 8-11.  There is no charge for this class.
  • A show packet with ALL important information is published online after Spring Break.
  • Pictures will be taken Saturday, April 28. Times TBD by class.
Program Description
The Y-Dance program undergoes changes as the numbers, needs, and desires of its dancers continue to grow forward. Whether the goal is to dance at a recreational level “just for fun” or for those who foresee themselves on dance teams, in musical theatre, undertaking auditions, or who want to take dance to a higher level, Y-Dance has something for everyone. Beginning in 2003 with three classes and 16 dancers Y-Dance has now grown to over 350 students.

The Y-Dance philosophy is:
To provide an atmosphere of discipline and structure
To make each dancer feel loved, valued, and empowered
To be fun, enjoyable, and a learning experience
To enhance dancers’ coordination, dance, creativity, and memory skills
If you do not know which class is for you/your child, please phone the YWCA at 742-0075 and Y-Dance Director, Hannah Walters, will help you determine where to begin.








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