Testimonials About YWCA Programs

Special Needs Aquatics and Activities Program (SNAP) 

Abigail Book loves swim lesson day! Although she gives her instructors/helpers a run for their money, they are patient with her. We can't wait until the next session.

Amy Book and Family

We love SNAP, our son is 3 1/2 and has Autism.  On his first visit he would not even get in the water, and on his last visit he was swimming with little help and couldn't wait to get in the water.  We are looking forward to starting our 3rd round of sessions in April!  


Nicole P.  



YWCA Y-Dance Testimonials

My YWCA has been a place where my girls have learned that hard work and perseverance really pays off.   It has made them stronger dancers all while having fun, making new friends, and participating in the most amazing dance recitals!

Kelly Penquite

When I moved to the Lafayette area 15 years ago, the YWCA became my second home. Through its many programs, it nurtured not only myself but three young children. Our family made lifelong friends and created lasting memories from participating in its many programs. When we walked through the door, the staff would greet us by name making us feel part of the YWCA family. Now my youngest daughter has been in the Y Dance program which is an extension of the YWCA philosophy of promoting a family like atmosphere. My daughter has developed not only a love and discipline for dance technique and skill, but has excelled in a loving and encouraging environment by its wonderful and talented teachers. This program is yet another testament to the YWCA commitment to its community.

Monique Noll

My YWCA means my daughters have a wonderful place to dance! My YWCA offers us a supportive and caring staff with knowledgable and talented dance instructors!


Kathy Klingerman 

My YWCA is where my daughter has been taking dance lessons since she was four years old.  She is now 14 and has developed into a beautiful dancer!  She continues to take classes and is also working with younger dancers at the YWCA as a dance assistant. 

Natalie Baker

Domestic Violence Intervention and Prevention Program

A mother with 5 children went to the police to report physical abuse from her spouse. The police called the YWCA Domestic Violence Program to assist. I went to meet with the officer and mother. Shortly after, Department of Child Services arrived since children were involved. The mother was very scared and I assured her that she would be there with her for all of her hearings. Within 24 hours, there was an emergency hearing scheduled. It was 3 days before Christmas, so the YWCA Domestic Violence Program provided Christmas for her and the children. Since she was working with the YWCA Domestic Violence Program at the time, she was able to qualify for the Fresh Start program. She and the children went to safe housing until she was able to move out and make it on her own. She has not returned to the abusive relationship and the children are in therapy and doing well.

Norah Ashcraft, YWCA Domestic Violence Program Legal Advocate

Women’s Cancer Program 

I would like to share a story about the importance of screening mammograms for women who are in their 40s. Most of our patients are enrolled through the Indiana Breast and Cervical Cancer Program, which provides screenings for breast and cervical cancer. It does not pay for screening mammograms for women ages 40-49. It will only pay for a clinical breast exam (CBE) and a pap smear. If the CBE shows a problem, she can have a diagnostic mammogram, otherwise, she has to wait until she is 50 years old to get a screening mammogram paid for through that program.

Fortunately, we have funding from Susan G. Komen Central Indiana Affiliate and the Indiana Breast Cancer Awareness Trust (license plates) that we use to pay for screening mammograms for women ages 40-49. All women who come through our program get screening mammograms as a result of this additional funding. Without our funding from the Avon Breast Health Outreach Program, we would not have the staff to administer those funds.

One of our patients had several screening mammograms in her 40s through our program. This year she turned 50 and went in for her yearly screening mammogram. The radiologist, just looking at this year’s films, coded the result as a “benign finding.” Then, he compared the films with her previous years’ films and asked her to come back for additional views because he was concerned with the changes. She then had a biopsy and was diagnosed with breast cancer. 

If, at 50 years old this had been her first mammogram, the radiologist would not have had the films from the previous years for comparison and her cancer may not have been diagnosed this year. The importance of screening mammograms is to establish a record that can be compared over time. This patient’s story truly shows the value of that, so please get your mammogram this year! 

Heidi Kauffman, YWCA Women’s Cancer Program Coordinator   



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